Monday, February 15, 2010

A Release from the Anonymous Arizona Anarchist Advocates for the Assassination of Arpaio

Very well-written piece on the "Assassinate Arpaio" banner linked below. By the way, I wasn't the biggest fan of the banner (I felt that there were messages on banners with much more useful messages, like "Free them All", and "The Law is a Tool of Racism", etc.) Yet, I saw a wide variety of people at the march with t-shirts that said "Fuck Arpaio" and "MCSO: More Cock-sucking Officers", which leads me to believe that claims of people feeling alienated by extreme language are not quite accurate, although one could make the argument that these statements are different from advocating homicide.
A note on the piece- I feel that it is very cleverly and beautifully written, but I fear that the intended audience will not understand the points made no matter how well-articulated. I also fear that while they placed the disclaimer that they speak only for themselves, it could be used to represent those facing charges. Yet I believe it will be rather entertaining if anyone were to try to quote it in the court room.

Anyway, the piece is here at arizona indymedia...

A quote:
Assassination as a tactic is questionable at best, but it’s best to be in the business of asking questions. What's working? Marches? Reform?

Arpaio is the first to point out that he is an elected official. He is also the first to laugh while pointing you, meandering, in the direction of mainstream political channels to fruitlessly attempt social change. Even if extreme measures like advocating assassination were unethical, they would not necessarily be untactical. How desperate does it need to get before people are behaving desperately enough to even CONSIDER socially unacceptable things like assassination? Will manifestations of social desperation soon resemble assassinations- or can we first recall the times in history when uniformed and armed foot soldiers of the State ran rampant with racist agendas?

Update: See also, this discussion from

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