Monday, June 23, 2008

Arpaio Protests Increase

There have been a series of protests against Sheriff Arpaio since his immigration sweeps. Arpaio's last sweep was in Fountain Hills on May 6th. In the month and a half before that, the MCSO hit Guadalupe, Bell Road, starting with the area around 25th St. and Thomas (these events were "crime suppression operations" in specific places which seemed to be arranged for media attention. MCSO has also been making arrests of "smugglers" as well). MCSO also recently did a raid on a waterpark.

Many people have come out to protest the sweeps. Since the MCSO took a break from the sweeps, people have become a bit more proactive, going after him at his personal events. The first protest of this sort was on May 12 at an event where he spoke to an anti-immigrant audience. With less than a day's notice, close to 100 people showed up to the protest outside the building. The book-signings have involved questions being asked on film that the mainstream media don't ask, a request to have a book signed for Scott Norberg, a man who was killed by officers in Arpaio's jail, and disruptions at a speech portion of the book-signing event, in addition to a visible group of protesters outside the store holding signs. Over 300 people showed up to protest Arpaio at the County Board of Supervisor's meeting.

Here's a breakdown of the media on these events:

June 21 Scottsdale Barnes & Noble

Arpaio book signing in Scottsdale draws protests

Arpaio book signing draws supporters, protesters (to see pictures, click "Arpaio book signing gets mixed reaction" under "MORE ON THIS TOPIC"

Dozens protest Sheriff Joe Arpaio's booksigning, policies (see video on the right)

Sheriff Greeted by Protesters at Book Signing

June 19 County Board of Supervisors Meeting

Set to Boil: Board of Supervisors backs Sheriff Joe Arpaio; citizens vent rage, frustration at do-nothing Supes

Protesters demand crackdown on Sheriff Arpaio

Immigrant rights activists urge more oversight of Arpaio, sheriff refuses to alter approach

May 31 Goodyear Barnes & Noble

youtube video
Barnes and Ignoble: Sheriff Joe Arpaio autographs a book for Scott Norberg, suffocated to death June 1, 1996 in one of Joe's gulags

May 20 Deer Valley

youtube video

Another citizen makes Joe Arpaio's enemies list. His crime? Asking questions at a Barnes and Noble booksigning.

May 12 Italian American Club/ L.A.W. & S.O.L.E. event

youtube video

Columbus D-Day: Activists crash Joe Arpaio fete at Italian Club; Joe and Andy Thomas hang with redneck bikers

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