Saturday, June 28, 2008

Arpaio's Mesa Sweep coverage

It is very interesting to check out the media coverage, especially video, of the sweeps that took place thursday and friday (likely not continuing today, but we'll see), if only to see how pissed off arpaio is. It is also interesting to hear the discussion of the reasoning behind mesa pd's chief gascon talking about why he responded the way he did to arpaio's sweeps. I plan to comment on that in the future. Also check out the coverage of the people who copwatched.

Sheriff's Sweep Continues in Mesa (video) More videos on the side-bar at this link.

some links a friend sent out about thursday's coverage:

Video from Thursday's sweeps

More videos about the sweeps

Slideshow from AZ Republic, showing migrant arrested

Surprisingly good coverage from Fox 10

Slideshow from East Valley Tribune

New Times slideshow

Text media:
Ringmaster Arpaio a no-show at circus in Mesa

Police many, protesters few on Day 2 of Mesa crackdown

Arpaio statements about Gascón leaks questioned

Gascon praises officers, criticizes sweeps

Sheriff's 'Operation Ghost' sweep in Mesa in 2nd day

Activists asking "Where is Sheriff Joe?"

Sheriff's 'Operation Ghost' sweep in Mesa in 2nd day

Sheriff Joe Wusses Out: Mesa Police Chief George Gascon sends ...

MCSO sweep continues; 14 illegal immigrants found

28 arrested in Mesa sweep

Demonstrations over sweeps in Mesa stay peaceful

Immigrant advocates protest sheriff's crackdown

State, Feds to watch over Arpaio's Mesa sweep

Protestors precede sheriff's Mesa sweeps

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