Thursday, March 19, 2009

Recent Immigrant Arrests, Cops break woman's arm

There was a raid by the marcopa county sheriff's office (MCSO) monday morning, according to Illegal Immigrants Arrested At Painting Company.
The sheriff's office started investigating after several calls came in from former employees of the Cochran Painting Company located on West Frier Drive in Glendale. The calls claimed that U.S. citizens who worked there were recently fired while the illegal immigrants were not, the sheriff's office said.

The eight were arrested on charges of felony identity theft and forgery charges.

I also received an email which described arrests of day laborers by the phoenix police department this past monday during the day. These arrests took place near the Macehualli work center. It is thought that they were stopped for trespassing.

There were also arrests made by the department of public safety (DPS) last thursday as reported by the arizona republic.

On a related note, the MCSO broke the arm of a woman who had been arrested and was suspected of being undocumented. The officers were trying to get her to put her fingerprint on a document. From the feathered bastard's blog:
Garcia-Martinez, who cannot read or speak English, believed the paperwork was a voluntary removal form to send her back to Mexico, and so refused to cooperate. She relented after six MCSO guards broke her arm, and left her in a room for several hours. When eight MCSO returned later that night and told her to give up her fingerprint or else, she allowed them to put her finger on the documents.

"She gave her fingerprint only after being in a cell for hours after being beaten up," observed Garcia-Martinez's new lawyer Danny Ortega. "This document did not require a fingerprint."

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