Monday, March 23, 2009

Russell Pearce is an A-Hole

I was just listening to the senate judiciary committee (AZ) hearing regarding the warrants the mcso hasn't served. This is streaming on the web. Man, i can understand why these senators think they deserve higher salaries. That shit is boring. But i still don't think they should get higher salaries. Overall, i didn't find listening to it at all useful.

I was able to hear Russell Pearce spew some trash from his mouth. One particularly interesting quote that i was able to type right after i heard it was a portion of a sentence, "The sheriff’s the only one doing preventive law enforcement..." referring to Arpaio.

Preventive law enforcement, huh? Doesn't that imply that a crime has not yet been committed?

Check out some of his bills in the senate:

(this text is from an email he put out. excuse his poor spelling and grammar- he's just a government official)

Trespass: I have a bill to make it a state crime to enter or remain in Arizona in violation of federal law. A 2nd violation is a felony and a if one brings drugs or weapons into the country it is a class 2 felony with mandatory prison time.

SB1160 vehicle title; registration; legal presence (requested by law enforcement)
This bill would put the same requirements on titling or registering a vehicle of legal presence as required to get a driver’s license. Will have a tremendous affect on illegal’s driving around illegally. According to law enforcement a large percentage of hit and runs and serious and fatal accidents are involving illegal aliens.

SB1172 schools; data; non citizen students
This is needed to really know how many illegal aliens and non citizens are in our school. It does not prevent them from attending, but the debate continues on how many are really in our K-12 system at a cost of $9700 per student. The taxpayer has an inherent right to know who they are paying for.

SB1173 public housing; legal presence
Requires proof of citizenship to get public housing.

SB1175 illegal aliens; enforcement; trespassing. (remove handcuffs from law enforcement - Supported by Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, Sheriff Joe, County Attorney Thomas, Border Patrol 2544, law enforcement, Republican Party, and others)

SB1177 unauthorized aliens; employment; application; transporting (a good fix to the day labor problem)
This bill makes it a misdemeanor to solicit employment and makes it a state crime to employ them and requires anyone transporting them for purposes of work to have their vehicle impounded for a mandatory 30 days.

SB1243 justification; defensive display of firearm
This is a simple bill supported by the NRA and Citizens for Self Defense. It allows citizens to display a weapon in self defense without being charged with a crime.

SB1334 workers' compensation; unauthorized aliens
No workers compensation for illegal aliens. An employer who illegally employees them must be totally responsible for any injuries. This is needed because of a silly Arizona Supreme Court ruling.

SB1335 unauthorized aliens; licensing ( an enhancement to the Employer Sanctions bill)
This strengthens our Employer Sanctions bill (by the way we just won for the 5th time in court) This puts more teeth in requiring businesses to sign up for E-Verify and gives the County Attorney's civil subpoena authority to look at personal files of a business if the info that gives reasonable cause to believe they have illegal aliens employed (we will get a ton of resistance to leadership to not give this bill a hearing)

SB1337 driver license violations (a law enforcement request and just puts it back to how it use to be)
Makes not having a driver’s license a misdemeanor so they can arrest them. Today they cannot because it is a civil penalty. If they are lying, no ID, speak no English and they know they are a gang member or an illegal alien they must let them go. If you have a driver’s license and just don't have it on you it will not affect you.

SB1242 weapons; peace officers; posse; reserves (a fix on Reserve Officers that was left out accidentally)
Gives the Sheriff's more control over their voluntary Posses, Reserves when it comes to allowing them to carry Concealed.

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