Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Immigration Reform Proponent Opposes Citizenship for "Anchor Babies"

In the course of research for an article I'm writing on birthright citizenship, I see that Senator Lyndsey Graham, who had been a strong proponent of Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) opposes the interpretation of the 14th amendment that provides US citizenship to everyone born in the US (Source).

I have already pointed out various ways that proposed CIR is deeply problematic, but here's another example of why people mustn't call for Immigration Reform without clarifying some points--or perhaps not calling for reform at all.

Opposition to birthright citizenship is part of the ongoing attack on the reproductive freedom of women of color, is motivated by racism and capitalist interests. Despite the problems with the concept of citizenship and all that it entails (voting, access to welfare, etc.), this sort of attack must be opposed.

I was unaware that this issue was coming up in the US Senate where Republicans are proposing a change to the 14th amendment or at least the interpretation of it. While I knew that Russell Pearce didn't come up with the idea, I had been focusing on what he was saying about it. I believe that semi-success of SB1070 has made republicans feel empowered to bring up this birthright citizenship issue up despite the failures of similar efforts in the past. This will be interesting indeed.

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