Monday, January 1, 2007

Earlier blog posts

This blog on blogspot was started a couple years after doing a blog regularly on I put a lot of the important blog posts from there on this one- all from 2009, most from 2008, and a few from 2007. If you're interested in what was going on in 2007 especially, you might just check out the article, "2007 Retrospective: The Local War on the Undocumented" which I wrote to compile all the major changes locally in that year. You can check out my blog on and browse through the older posts, like the few from late 2006, though, as there are various subjects that didn't get covered in the article. For a short time i was keeping track of all immigration raids in the US, until that got too overwhelming. There are other subjects covered as well. The most important ones (to me) have been added to this blogspot blog, however. Enjoy.