Sunday, March 23, 2008

More on Sheriff's Racial Profiling

Last night the sheriff's patrols were shorter than the night before.
Because i wrote my last post quickly, i wanted to add a couple things. One was that there were a few dozen people at the sheriff's department's staging area in a sort of protest. The primary objective was to let the people who were being brought in know that they have a right to a lawyer and they shouldn't say anything. There were people shouting these things by bullhorn. The people who were arrested were being taken to this area, and therefore could possibly see the signs or hear the shouts.
People were also shouting shame to the police officers for being part of this blatant racial profiling.
Another thing i left out was that there was a lot of media there and of course arpaio was there for that particularly earlier on. I have been unable to check out any of the media coverage so far.

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