Sunday, April 26, 2009

Chandler Businesses Surveil Day Laborers

Chandler group's cameras watch day laborers

Downtown Chandler business representatives have erected video cameras in the historic square, in part to deter day laborers from congregating there, and city officials are not happy about it.

The cameras have been up for about 6 weeks and are said to have deterred people from picking up day laborers but have not deterred day laborers from congregating in the area.

City officials have said none of the local loitering laws gives the city the authority to disperse day laborers. But portions of Arizona Avenue have been made off-limits to parking or standing vehicles during certain times of the day in an effort to discourage vehicles from stopping to pick them up, thereby blocking traffic and creating a safety hazard...

Colleen LeBlanc, ProGuard vice president, said that despite the red and blue lights sitting atop the camera structure, the surveillance is not related to any law enforcement agency. The cameras meet Arizona Department of Public Safety guidelines, LeBlanc said.

Killgore said if the blue and red lights are creating the perception that the cameras are associated with law enforcement, city officials might need to address the issue.

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