Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another workplace raid targets workers not bosses

How many times do we have to see the sheriff patting himself on the back for enforcing the employer sanctions law, but not pressing charges against the employers? Consistently, the law that went into effect in January of 2008 has been used to raid workplaces and handcuff, detain, and often arrest the workers at the location. As far as i know, the only employer that has been effected by the employer sanctions law was one in a different county.
Yet, even arpaio isn't quite pretending that his goal is to go after employers. He's telling the press that he's enforcing immigration laws.
Arpaio said this is the seventh business his office has investigated for breaking the state's employer-sanctions law. The Sheriff's Office has arrested 248 people for employer sanctions violations, he said.

Arpaio said his office will continue to enforce illegal immigration laws, regardless of what politicians, the Justice Department or Congress say about him. (Source).
I have discussed in previous blog posts: Employer Sanctions or Employee Sanctions? and Employer Sanctions Law Applies to New Hires Only, that the law was not really intended to go after businesses in the first place, and confusion and unnecessary firings due to the law were not prevented.

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